EMBA Algeria




Part Time

(3 days/month)

Double degree


Country : Algeria

City : Alger

Pre- selection on file



18 months







The ESAA is a great story of bilateral collaboration; the thousands of management graduates who have made its reputation in Algeria and elsewhere are proof of this success. 

Excellence and openness are intrinsically part of the DNA of the leading Algerian Business School. This momentum is not going to stop any time soon thanks to the innovative projects that we will be carrying out. Our aim is to strengthen this position and move towards new horizons

Director General

Developing internationally means enhancing your ecosystem and collaborating with prestigious partner schools, such as the academically renowned ESAA, which boasts excellence in the field of training.

Our joint mission is to support managers in developing their individual and collective skills in order to meet the new challenges of tomorrow.”

Makram Chemangui
Director Audencia Executive Education