DBA China


The DBA launched in 2015 in partnership with Western Business School (WBS), Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in China reached fruition in November 2018 with the first set of doctoral thesis defences taking place in Chengdu.

The Audencia-WBS DBA programme has gone from strength to strength with recruitments growing each year. The students benefit from complementary courses from professors from Audencia and WBS. The courses are mostly delivered in Chengdu with a study week involving one course, supervision meetings, company visits and cultural activities each year in Nantes and Paris. The cross-cultural learning opportunities offered by joint thesis supervision by WBS and Audencia supervisors are a strong attraction of the programme for DBA candidates. The subject expertise of Audencia professors draws Chinese students to the programme to learn of different methodological approaches and research themes.

For WBS, the DBA programme aims at integrating Chinese and foreign management wisdom and insightful views, cultivating entrepreneurs and industrial leaders with a sense of social responsibility, and promoting the economic development and social progress of west China. In addition, we celebrate that five DBA candidates had passed the thesis defences last November and will be awarded the DBA degree this June. This achievement means that our DBA programme is successful and has brought great impact on the entrepreneurial education in China.

Dr Jason Chih-Chieh CHEN, Associate Dean, Western Business School.

Key information

  • Training duration: 3 years on a part-time mode (weekends)
  • Eligibility criteria: Master’s degree or equivalent
    Over 6-8 years of working experience including a minimum 3 years of high-level management experience with researching project of management
  • Cost of training: Contact Swufe WBS for tuition fee details
  • Venue: WBS of SWUFE and Audencia

Western Business School of China (WBS)

It is an education and training school for entrepreneurs and senior management personnel serving business and government venturing under the direct administration of SWUFE while enjoys autonomy in running. It adopts the program management and market-oriented mechanism, and strives to forge a leading high-end training brand of SWUFE in the west as well as China with an international profile through increasing brand influence and pooling education resources. With current programs such as EMBA and EDP, etc., it aims at integrating Chinese and foreign management wisdom and resources, cultivating entrepreneurs and industrial leaders with sense of social responsibility, and promoting the economic development and social progress of west China. As one of the first 30 schools approved to set EMBA program, it has nurtured over 1200 EMBA postgraduates up to now

Program advantage

Audencia's professors, SWUFE’s professors and enterprise mentors will provide diversified guidance through logic thinking, data analysis and development tendency, etc in the form of "Three to One".

  • World-renowned teachers offer top business concepts
  • In-depth thinking on leading edge topics about innovation and entrepreneurship to extract the strategic direction of practical enterprises
  • Chinese guide of international courses

This is not just a business class, but the tower of pulled wisdom and insightful views; and the place for courageous people to devise strategies.

Curriculum & admission

  • Intensive core courses
  • Overseas extension-module
  • Customized electives
  • Thesis workshop
  • Diversiform online-seminars
  • Principals & Methodologies
  • Finance
  • Responsible Management
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Obtain information through phones or internet, download and fill the application form.

Submit the following files by express delivery:

  • Duplicate of Master’s Degree certificate
  • Copy of ID on both sides
  • Four photos with E-edition which are 2-inch, white-background, recently-taken and bareheaded(jpg,<1MB)
  • Name Card (both sides)
  • Institute Brochures
  • Application Form
  • CV
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • One Research Proposal
  • Duplicate of Certificate of Bachelor’s Degree

The application screening will be completed within 3-7 working days after receiving applications, and qualified candidates will get interview notices

Interview will be conducted by DBA evaluation committee to assess the overall quality of candidates

Combining interviews and applications, the DBA evaluation committee will comprehensively evaluate the overall quality of candidates including work achievement, research capability and references, so as to admit the best candidates.

After receiving the offer, paying tuition accordingly and completing registration, one can officially become a DBA international student of Audencia Business School

In accordance with relative requests, after completing the study program, successfully passing the examination and oral thesis defense, and approved by the Qualifying Panel, students will be awarded:

  • A Doctoral Degree of Business Management by Audencia Business School
  • A Course-completion Certificate of DBA by WBS, SWUFE

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics(SWUFE)

Originally founded in Shanghai as Guanghua University, it boasts a history of nearly 90 years. SWUFE is a national key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education listed in the “Project 211 “and “Project 985” Innovative Platforms for Key Disciplines, a pioneering university of national education reform and a top financial and economic school of China.